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Mule Deer Images

Mule Deer Images and Information:

Odocoileus hemionus

  • Mule Deer have very large ears, black tipped tails, bifurcated antlers, gray brown fur and large dark eyes.
  • Mule Deer are generally found west of the Missouri River.
  • Mule Deer habitat includes deserts, chaparrals, wooded hills and mountain forests.
  • Mule Deer have no upper teeth, instead they have a hard palate.
  • Mule Deer eat forbs, shrubs, trees, grasses, nuts, mushrooms, acorns and much more. They are known to consume at least 788 species of plants.
  • Mule Deer usually give birth to two fawns.
  • Mule Deer live between 9 to 11 years.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Mule Deer photos.

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