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Northern Harrier Male

Northern Harrier Images, Facts and Information:

Circus hudsonius (formerly Circus cyaneus)

  • Northern Harriers are slim, medium-sized raptors with long wings, long tails and they have owl-like facial discs with small bills.
  • They use hearing as well as sight to locate their prey.
  • Northern Harriers are sexually dimorphic meaning the males and females look different. Adult males are mostly gray above and white below and the females are brown above and mostly buffy with brown streak below. Females can be up to 50% larger than males.
  • Northern Harriers eat mice, voles and other small rodents. They will also consume insects, small reptiles, small birds and carrion.
  • The prefer open habitat near marshes, estuaries, wetlands, meadows, undisturbed grasslands, tundra and high desert shrubsteppe.
  • Northern Harriers can lay between 3 to 9 eggs which take between 28 to 36 days to hatch. The female incubates.
  • Northern Harrier males may have as many as five mates though most usually have two or three.
  • They are also known as Marsh Hawks.
  • Northern Harriers can live up to 16 years.

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