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Pronghorn Images

Pronghorn Images, Facts and Information:

Antilocapra americana

  • Pronghorn are large animals with tan and white bodies, large black eyes, white rumps, long legs and horns at the tops of their heads. The horns of males are larger than females.
  • Pronghorns are found in western North America and Central America including Mexico.
  • Pronghorns prefer open terrain from 3000 to 5900 feet in elevation.
  • Pronghorn eat sagebrush, forbs and grasses.
  • Pronghorn are also called Pronghorn Antelopes or Antelopes but they are not true antelopes, they have been called that because they resemble Old World antelopes. They are the only surviving members of the family Antilocapridae.
  • Pronghorns are the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Some pronghorns are migratory.
  • Nicknames for Pronghorn include Speed Goat, Sage Goat, Desert Racer, Goat-a-lope, Sagebrush Rocket, and Prairie Ghost.
  • Pronghorns give birth to one to two fawns.
  • Pronghorn can live from 10 to 15 years of age.

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