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Rock Squirrel Images

Rock Squirrel Images, Facts and Information:

Otospermophilus variegatus

  • Rock Squirrels are large squirrels that have speckled grayish brown coats, long brushy tails with white edges, pointed ears that rise above their heads and dark eyes with white rings around them. They can be 21 inches in length.
  • Rock Squirrels are found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.
  • They are nearly always found in rocky locales such as canyon walls, talus slopes, cliffs, boulder piles and hills. Often found in oak and juniper growth.
  • Rock Squirrels and primarily herbivores and eat seeds, stems, leaves, pine nuts, acorns and fruits of native plants. They will also consume eggs from nests of small birds. They store food in their burrows.
  • They are active during the winter unlike many other ground squirrels though they may hibernate briefly in the coldest weather in the northern part of their range. They do estivate during the hottest times of the year.
  • The female has two litters per year with 3 to 9 young in the litter.
  • In the wild Rock Squirrels may only live to two years old but they have lived up to 10 years in captivity so their life spans in the wild may be longer than suggested.

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