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Sage Thrasher Images

Sage Thrasher Images, Facts and Information:

Oreoscoptes montanus

  • Sage Thrashers have long legs and tails, yellow eyes, spotted breasts and gray-brown upper parts.
  • Sage Thrashers are sagebrush obligates meaning that they require sagebrush for some part of their life cycle.
  • They are the smallest of North American Thrashers and are thought to be more closely related to Northern Mockingbirds than thrashers.
  • Sage Thrashers are found throughout the western U.S. where they breed exclusively in sagebrush steppe.
  • The males are incredible songsters and can sing up to 20 minutes without stopping.
  • Sage Thrashers eat terrestrial insects including grasshoppers, ants and ground beetles. They will also eat berries and grapes.
  • They are also called “Mountain Mockingbirds”
  • Sage Thrashers lay between 4 to 7 eggs which take 13 to 17 days to hatch. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • Sage Thrashers are migratory.
  • Sage Thrasher populations are declining due to habit destruction and may be very susceptible to climate change.

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