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Autumn Sandhill Crane in Montana

Sandhill Crane Images, Facts and Information:

Antigone canadensis used to be Grus canadensis

  • Sandhill Cranes are large, tall gray birds with very long legs, long necks, and a straight bill. Adults have light cheeks and a red crown.
  • Sandhill Cranes are noted for their spectacular and elaborate courtship displays. Some of the displays are to attract mates and others are to keep the pair bond strong.
  • Sandhill Cranes mate for life.
  • Their loud trumpeting call can be heard over great distances.
  • Some subspecies of Sandhill Cranes are migratory and three subspecies are resident. Florida, Mississippi and Cuban subspecies are year round residents in their ranges.
  • Sandhill Cranes typically have two eggs per brood, incubation is between 28 and 32 days and both sexes incubate but only the female incubates at night. Sandhill chicks are called “colts” and will remain with the adults for 9 to 10 months.
  • Their habitat is open wetlands including bogs, marshes, wet meadows and other moist habitats. Migratory subspecies overwinter in the southern U.S. and northern Mexico. Sandhill migrations of thousands of cranes are amazing to see and hear.
  • Sandhill Cranes eat grains, berries, insects, snails, small reptiles, amphibians and small mammals.
  • Groups of cranes are known as a “swoop”, “siege”, “sedge”, “construction” and “dance” of cranes.
  • Sandhill Cranes live up to 25 years.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Sandhill Crane photos.

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