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Snow Goose Images

Snow Geese Images, Facts and Information:

Anser caerulescens (formerly Chen caerulescens)

  • Snow Geese are medium sized geese with hefty, pink bills that have “grin patches”, they come in white and dark morphs. White morphs are pure white with black wing tips, dark morphs; also known as “Blue Geese”, have white faces, dark brown bodies and have white under their tails.
  • Snow Geese are migratory.
  • Snow Geese breed in areas of tundra in the arctic regions of North America and Siberia. They winter in areas that include salt marshes, freshwater marshes, coastal bays and grain fields from the Pacific coast across to the Atlantic coast as well as the Gulf coast from Texas to Mississippi.
  • Snow Geese eat seeds, leaves, stems, rushes, rhizomes, grains, grasses, wild rice, wild millet, berries and aquatic plants.
  • Snow Geese lay 3 to 5 eggs which hatch in 23 to 25 days. The female incubates and they are monogamous, colonial nesters.
  • A group of geese can be called a “string”, “plump”, “knot”, “chevron”, “gaggle” or “blizzard” of geese.
  • The oldest Snow Goose on record was 27 years old.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Snow Geese photos.

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