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Sora Images, Facts and Information:

Porzana carolina

  • Soras are small, secretive marshbirds with straight yellow bills, grayish bodies, short legs and tails and blackish mask on their faces.
  • Soras are the most common rail species in North America.
  • Soras can be found in marshes, the edges of ponds, swamps, lakes and in shallow wetlands with emergent vegetation and because of their cryptic plumage patterns they blend into their habitat very well. Soras are migratory.
  • Their diet includes seeds, aquatic vegetation, mollusks, snails and insects.
  • Other names for Soras include “Sora Rail” and “Sora Crake”.
  • Soras lay 10 to 12 eggs which hatch in 18 to 20 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • A group of soras can be called an “ache” or “whinny” of soras.

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