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Swainson’s Hawk Images, Facts and Information:

Buteo swainsoni

  • Swainson’s Hawks are large hawks with short tails, broad wings, reddish brown to gray upperparts and generally have light bellies. Their plumage varies and they can be seen in light morphs, intermediate morphs and dark morphs.
  • Swainson’s Hawks are migratory, they spend the summer in western North America and the winter in South America. Swainson’s Hawks may migrate as far as 14,000 miles.
  • Swainson’s Hawks prefer wide open habitat including grasslands, prairies, agricultural fields.
  • Swainson’s Hawks eat grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies and small mammals including rabbits, voles, mice and gophers plus lizards and other birds.
  • Swainson’s Hawks lay 2 to 4 eggs which hatch in 30 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • Swainson’s Hawks are also known as Grasshopper Hawks or Locust Hawks.
  • A group of hawks can be called a “tower”, “knot”, “spiraling”, “stream” or “kettle” of hawks.
  • Swainson’s Hawks can live to be over 23 years of age.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my Swainson’s Hawk photos.

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