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Turkey Vulture Images

Turkey Vulture Images, Facts and Information:

Cathartes aura

  • Turkey vultures are large, dark brown birds with bald, red heads and pale bills with white tips.
  • Turkey Vultures are scavengers and will soar in the air until their keen sense of smell detects dead animals also known as carrion. They will also eat lizards, fish, small mammals and invertebrates.
  • Turkey Vultures are migratory. During the warmer months they can be found in most of areas of the U.S. and extreme southern Canada. They winter in the southern U.S. plus Mexico, Central and South America.
  • Turkey Vultures lay 1 to 3 eggs which hatch in 38 to 41 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • A group of vultures can be called a “meal”, “vortex”, “wake”, “committee” or “cast” of vultures. Nicknames include “turkey buzzard”, “John Crow” and “carrion crow”.
  • Turkey Vultures can live up to 17 years or more.

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