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Western Meadowlark stretching on a snow topped post

Western Meadowlark Images, Facts and Information:

Sturnella neglecta

  • Western Meadowlarks have yellow chests, long thin bills, brown to buff backs with intricate patterns and a black V on their chests.
  • Western Meadowlarks feed mostly on insects, but also seeds and berries.
  • The song of the Western Meadowlark is different than the song of an Eastern Meadowlark. Both songs are flute-like and very melodic.
  • Male Western Meadowlarks often have two mates, the females do all of the incubation and brooding and most of the feeding of the young.
  • A group of meadowlarks is known as a “pod”.
  • Western Meadowlarks lay 3 – 7 eggs and the incubation period is 13 to 15 days.
  • Their preferred habitat is open grasslands with scattered tree or bushes.
  • Western Meadowlarks are ground foragers.
  • Northern Western Meadowlarks will migrate.
  • Western Meadowlarks can live up to 10 years

I hope you enjoy viewing my Western Meadowlark photos.

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