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White-lined Sphinx Moth hovering over a Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

White-lined Sphinx Moth Images, Facts and Information:

Hyles lineata

  • White-lined Sphinx Moths can be found from Central America, Mexico, the West Indies and most of North American including southern Canada. They also occur in Africa and Eurasia.
  • White-lined Sphinx moths prefer open country including gardens, suburbs and deserts.
  • Adults hover over flowers to nectar. Plants they nectar on include cleomes, lilacs, clovers, columbines, thistles, morning glory, moonvines, petunias, honeysuckles and larkspurs. Caterpillars, often called tomato hornworms, can be found on tomatoes, purslanes,  apples, evening primroses, elms, grapes and more.
  • There are usually two broods per season.

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