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Wild Turkey Images

Wild Turkey Images, Facts and Information:

Meleagris gallopavo

  • Wild Turkeys are large, plump birds with long necks and small heads.
  • The Wild Turkey is North America’s largest native upland game bird. Males can weigh in excess of 25 pounds or more.
  • Unlike their domesticated counterparts wild turkeys are agile in flight. They fly up into trees at night to roost in safety from ground predators.
  • Wild Turkey hens lay between 8 to 20 eggs in a brood. The incubation period is 27-28 days. Only the females care for the young, also called poults.
  • Males display during the breeding season to attract hens.
  • A group of Wild Turkeys can be called a “crop”, “gang”, “dole”, “posse” and “raffle”.
  • Wild Turkeys are resident throughout much of the continental U.S. to extreme southern Canada and south to inland Mexico. They inhabit oak and pine forests and in the west they can be found in forests containing juniper and pine.
  • Wild Turkeys are omnivorous, they consume nuts, acorns, berries, grains, roots and insects. They will also eat small reptiles.
  • Wild Turkeys live up to 9 years

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