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Wilson’s Plover Images, Facts and Information:

Charadrius wilsonia

  • Wilson’s Plovers are medium sized shorebirds with  long legs, stout bills, short necks, brown backs and one thick black or brown chest band.
  • Wilson’s Plover habitat is ocean beaches from the southeast to Texas. Some are year round residents and others migrate.
  • The diet of Wilson’s Plovers includes crustaceans, including fiddler crabs, worms and insects.
  • Wilson’s Plovers lay 2 to 3 eggs which hatch in 23 to 25 days. Both sexes incubate.
  • A group of plovers is called a “ponderance”, “deceit”, “congregation”, “brace” or a “wing” of plovers.
  • Wilson’s Plovers can live up to 6 years or more.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Wilson’s Plover photos.

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