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I am currently working on moving my bird images to the new galleries.

Old Galleries
112, 2015
  • High Key Northern Flicker

A High Key Northern Flicker Image

By |December 1st, 2015|7 Comments

My favorite image from photographing yesterday at Farmington Bay WMA is this high key Northern Flicker image taken near Glover's Pond.

3011, 2015
  • Brown Pelicans in an early morning flight

A Trio of Brown Pelicans Over The Gulf of Mexico

By |November 30th, 2015|6 Comments

Brown Pelicans are nearly as common in coastal Florida as Canada Geese are here in Utah but they are birds and I find them all appealing.

2911, 2015
  • A pair of Canada Geese on ice

A pair of Canada Geese on ice at Farmington Bay

By |November 29th, 2015|6 Comments

Canada Geese are very common here in northern Utah and in other parts of North America.

2811, 2015
  • Two late migrating Willets on exposed bioherms

Two Late Migrating Willets and Exposed Bioherms

By |November 28th, 2015|5 Comments

While looking for odd ducks on the Great Salt Lake yesterday I spotted two late migrating willets on what I thought was an exposed sandbar.

2711, 2015
  • Kelvin Helmholtz clouds over the Wasatch Mountains

Snow on Antelope Island and Wave Cloud Formations

By |November 27th, 2015|9 Comments

On the way to Farmington Bay WMA heading south on I-15 I saw some strange, wave cloud formations over the Wasatch Mountains.

2611, 2015
  • Coyote on the causeway in low light

Panning, Motion, Low Light and a Coyote Blur

By |November 26th, 2015|9 Comments

Low light, a slow shutter speed, panning and a Coyote in motion all combined to create this Coyote blur image.

2511, 2015
  • Red-breasted Merganser close up

Red-breasted Merganser Portrait

By |November 25th, 2015|6 Comments

There has only been a few times that I have had the opportunity to get a Red-breasted Merganser portrait and each time it occurred in Florida.

2411, 2015
  • Wild Rose hips and an Immature White-crowned Sparrow

Wild Rose hips and an immature White-crowned Sparrow

By |November 24th, 2015|6 Comments

I was happy yesterday to take this image of an immature White-crowned Sparrow perched with wild rose hips in the frame too.

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