Old GalleriesOld GalleriesPlease excuse the clutter, I am in the process of migrating my old photo galleries because the program I was using is no longer working well.

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I have moved all of the miscellaneous, flower and tree images. The only wildlife images I have not moved are the Coyotes, I am slowly moving those. Once they are done I will start to migrate the bird images to their new home.

1904, 2015

Whimbrel Threat Display

This Whimbrel wasn't reacting to my presence when it exhibited this threat display instead it was reacting to the presence of two other Whimbrels that are outside of the frame.

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1804, 2015

Western Grebe Weed Ceremony Behavior

Western and Clark's Grebes at Bear River National Wildlife Refuge have returned and I have been hoping to photograph some of their mating behaviors again.

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1704, 2015

A Black-tailed Jackrabbit with odd colored eyes

This Black-tailed Jackrabbit was near the first one and as I photographed it I realized that its eye color was odd because they are much paler and has a slight greenish hue to them.

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1604, 2015

Common Loons and Looney Weather

When I thought about our looney weather it reminded me of loons, specifically Common Loons because there have been many reports of them here this past week.

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1504, 2015

A Marbled Godwit feeding on the shore of the Gulf

Marbled Godwits are migrating through Utah on their way to their breeding grounds right now so I thought I'd feature this one on my post today.

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