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2901, 2015

Dreaming of Sandhill Cranes

Last night I only had dreams about Sandhill Cranes but it won't be long before I will be seeing and hearing them for real. I can barely wait.

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2801, 2015

Ranching, trophic cascades and predator control

This isn't just just a Henry Mountain Range issue, it is a Utah issue. It is an issue where ever there are Coyotes, cattle, rabbits, hares and voles.

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2701, 2015

Trumpeter Swans of the Centennial Valley

One of the locations I am daydreaming about is the Centennial Valley of Montana and the birds I find there.

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2601, 2015

I’m a real sucker for birds

I will photograph birds big and small, those that are flashy and those that are dull. From rare to common it doesn't matter to me.

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