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102, 2015

A few quiet moments with a Black-bellied Plover at low tide

Shorebirds. They were what sparked my passion for bird photography. They were what drew me back to the Gulf Coast of Florida as much as I could be there.

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3101, 2015

Swainson’s Hawk juvenile in low light

I wonder if this juvenile Swainson's made the long migration to South America and if I will see it again in the Centennial Valley of Montana this spring.

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3001, 2015

A Failed Quest for Gold

It never, ever fails that when I have an opportunity to photograph Golden Eagles something always goes wrong.

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2901, 2015

Dreaming of Sandhill Cranes

Last night I only had dreams about Sandhill Cranes but it won't be long before I will be seeing and hearing them for real. I can barely wait.

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