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103, 2015

I can’t understand…

I'm a nature lover and a photographer who sees the natural world not just from behind my camera but with every breath and step that I take.

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2802, 2015

Juvenile Western Kingbird at Farmington Bay

This morning I was looking through some images that I had taken in August of 2014 and came across this juvenile Western Kingbird photo that I hadn't touched at all.

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2702, 2015

Whimbrels and Long-billed Curlews

When I lived in Florida I was able to see and photograph two of our largest North American shorebirds during winter which are Whimbrels and Long-billed Curlews.

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2602, 2015

Young Bison Fighting and a Big, Dark Bull

Last week while looking for birds on Antelope Island I was fortunate to watch and photograph two young Bison bulls butting heads.

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