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California Gull

California Gull Images, Facts and Information:

Larus californicus

  • California Gulls are medium sized gulls that have yellow bills and legs with white heads and underparts with medium gray backs.
  • They have red eye rings, dark eyes, orange gapes and their bills have has a black line with a red spot on the lower mandible.
  • California Gulls are found in western North America where they breed in the interior west.
  • They are opportunistic feeders and they will eat just about any thing they can snatch or catch including fish, small mammals, insects, garbage, fruit, grains and marine invertebrates.
  • California Gulls lay between 1 to 4 eggs which take 23 to 27 days to hatch. Both parents incubate.
  • A group of gulls can be called a “squabble”, “flotilla”, “screech” and “scavenging” of gulls.
  • California Gulls can live up to 30 years.

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