Family: Laridae

  • Gulls are usually white or gray with black markings on their wings or heads, they have moderately long legs, webbed feet and have harsh calls.
  • Gulls are closely related to terns and distantly related to auks and skimmers.
  • Gulls often nest in colonies than can number into the hundreds or more.
  • Almost all gulls are migratory.
  • Gulls take a wide variety of prey. They eat fish, freshwater and marine invertebrates, crustaceans, mollusks, insects, eggs, lizards, reptiles,  plant material, worms, birds, carrion and more.
  • They obtain their food items by catching it themselves in the air, water or land, stealing from other birds or animals, raiding trash cans and frequenting waste dump sites.

I hope you enjoy viewing my gull photos.

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