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Laughing Gull Images

Laughing Gull Images, Facts and Information:

Leucophaeus atricilla

  • Laughing Gulls are medium gulls with light gray backs, white underparts, black wingtips with white markings and narrow white eye-arcs. Their heads turn black during breeding season and their bills and webbed feet turn dark red.
  • Some Laughing Gulls are year round residents and some are short distance migrators.
  • Laughing Gulls are a coastal species and are not found inland very often. They nest on sandy beaches, saltmarshes and spoil islands.
  • Laughing Gulls eat invertebrates, worms, insects, snails, crabs, crab eggs, carrion, garbage, fish and will readily accept handouts from people.
  • Laughing Gulls lay 1 to 4 eggs which hatch in 20 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • A group of gulls can be called a “squabble”, “flotilla”, “screech” and “scavenging” of gulls.
  • Laughing Gulls can live more than 22 years.

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