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Common Raven

Common Raven Images, Facts and Information:

Corvus corax

  • Common Ravens are all black with large bills, their plumage does display a purple sheen in certain lighting conditions.
  • Common Ravens are the largest member of the corvid family in North America and are very intelligent and inquisitive.
  • Common Ravens can be found throughout the western U.S all the way to Alaska, Mexico, across Canada, some areas of New England and the Midwest and in some areas of the Appalachians. Their range is expanding with human development. They are not migratory.
  • They consume a wide variety of food and will scavenge carrion. they will consume fruits, grains, fish, small crustaceans, garbage and they will also raid nests of other birds to eat the young and eggs.
  • Common Ravens lay between 3 to 7 eggs which take between 18 to 21 days to hatch. They are monogamous. Common Ravens will often reuse nests for several years, they nest on cliffs, trees and will use man made structures.
  • Their habitat preference is extremely varied and includes tundra, chaparral, sagebrush, mountains, desert, grasslands, coniferous and deciduous forests, beaches, and islands. They can be found around human development and agricultural fields.
  • Some cultures revere ravens and consider them symbols of wisdom and fertility while others regard them as harbingers of death or bad omens.
  • A group of ravens can be called a “rant”, “constable”, “bazaar” and “storytelling” of ravens.
  • They can live up to 15 years.

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