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Perched Long-eared Owl with falling snow

Long-eared Owl Images, Facts and information:

Asio otus

  • Long-eared Owls are nocturnal, medium-sized owls that heave long ear tufts. During the day they spend most of their time roosting in trees near the trunks.
  • Long-eared Owls are found in North America and Europe.
  • Long-eared Owls will often roost communally during the colder months. There is documentation of over 100 owls at the communal roosts.
  • They will use old stick nests of ravens, crows, magpies and hawks in trees and on cliffs. They have also been known to nest in cavities in trees, cliffs and squirrel nests.
  • They lay 2 to 10 eggs which take 26 to 28 days to hatch, the female incubates the eggs.
  • The call of the male can be heard from nearly a mile away. They are very vocal.
  • Long-eared Owls prey on mice, rodents and other small mammals and will occasionally take small birds.
  • Some Long-eared Owls are year round residents in their range and some are migratory.
  • Their preferred habitat would contain open grasslands with trees nearby for roosting during the day.
  • Long-eared Owls in Europe have lived up to 27 years, the North American longevity record is 9 years but that may be to low numbers of recovered banded birds in North America.

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