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American Wigeon Images

American Wigeon Images, Facts and Information:

Mareca americana (used to be Anas americana)

  • American Wigeons are medium sized dabbling ducks. Males in breeding plumage have a cream to white forehead and crown with a broad green patch starting behind the eyes extending to the nape, they have pinkish brown flanks, breasts and backs with a section of white in the flanks and black undertail coverts. Females have grayish heads with white and dusky streaks, their breasts and flanks are reddish brown and their mantles are gray-brown. Both sexes have small bills, the males ate blue-gray with a black tip and the females are gray with a black tip.
  • American Wigeons are migratory.
  • American Wigeons can be found on ponds, rivers, lakes on in shallow wetlands within their range.
  • American Wigeons primarily consume aquatic plants, they also eat some insects and mollusks.
  • American Wigeons lay 6 to 12 eggs which hatch in 22 to 25 days. The females incubate and they are monogamous.
  • American Wigeons have also been called “Baldpate” because the white stripe of males resembles a bald man’s head.
  • A group of ducks can be called a “raft”, “paddling”, “flush” or “brace” of ducks.
  • American Wigeons can live to be more than 21 years of age.

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