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Coyote on ice

Coyote Images, Facts and Information:

Canis latrans

  • Coyotes are canids native to North America and are smaller than their close relative the gray wolf. Wolves and Coyotes can interbreed resulting in hybrids that are called “Coywolves”.
  • Young Coyotes are called pups
  • Coyotes are also known as Prairie Wolf and Song Dog
  • Coyotes eat rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates, and will take larger ungulates and lagomorphs. They will also eat some fruit and vegetable matter.
  • Coyotes are very vocal which is why they earned their “Song Dog” nickname.
  • The historical range of coyotes was much smaller than it is presently, the expansion of their range is thought to be because of wolf and cougar extermination. Coyotes are very adaptive and can even be found in large metropolitan areas.
  • Coyotes will attack and kill pets so it is best to keep cats indoors and small dogs on leashes when they are in the area.
  • Coyotes are thought to be pests by ranchers, sheepherders and others and because they are considered pests they are slaughtered by the thousands yearly which messes up the balance of nature and the slaughter goes against science.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Coyote photos.

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