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Mallard Images

Mallard Images, Facts and Information:

Anas platyrhynchos

  • Mallards are large ducks with rounded, large bodies, wide bills and rounded heads. Males are more colorful than the females.
  • Mallards are probably one of the most recognized ducks in the world, they are found in tropical and subtropical areas of North, South and Central America, Eurasia, Europe and North Africa. They have been introduced to other countries in the world which has caused problems with native ducks hybridizing with mallards.
  • Mallard habitat includes, lakes, ponds, marshes, bogs, rivers, streams, reservoirs, city parks, estuaries, potholes, ditches and agricultural areas.
  • Mallards eat seeds, aquatic vegetation, grains, earthworms, snails, insects, insect larvae and freshwater crustaceans like shrimp. They will also eat bread but it is bad for them and causes health issues.
  • Mallards lay 5 to 14 eggs which hatch in 26 to 30 days. The female incubates.
  • A group of mallards can be called a “doppling”, “daggle”, “lute” or “sword” of mallards.
  • Mallards can live up to 29 years.
  • Only female Mallards “quack”, males make a different, lower sound.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Mallard photos.

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