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Williamson’s Sapsucker Images, Facts and Information:

Sphyrapicus thyroideus

  • Williamson’s Sapsuckers are medium sized woodpeckers with white rumps and yellow bellies. The females are dull brown and the male has black plumage with a white eye stripe and red neck.
  • The males and females were once thought to be two different sapsucker species.
  • Williamson’s Sapsuckers are primarily western birds found in habitats that include subalpine forests, open coniferous forests, and Ponderosa pine forests.
  • Williamson’s Sapsucker eat ants, insect larvae, moths, sap and bark cambium.
  • They do migrate to the southern part of their breeding range in the winter.
  • Williamson’s Sapsuckers are primary cavity nesters. They lay 3 to 7 eggs which hatch in 12 to 14 days. Both sexes incubate and are monogamous.
  • A group of sapsuckers is called a “slurp” of sapsuckers.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Williamson’s Sapsucker photos.

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