Golden-silk SpiderGolden-silk Spider (Nephila clavipes) – Nikon D70, handheld, f5.6, 1/60, ISO 500, Nikkor 70-300mm VR at 300mm, flash fired, not baited or set up

I scoured my files and the scariest thing I could come up with for Halloween is this Golden-silk Spider (other than images of me). I don’t think it is really scary except that it doesn’t have feathers or fur. Okay the legs do look a little furry.

The size of Golden-silk Spider females might be frightening to some, their bodies can be up to an inch long but that measurement doesn’t include the length of the legs, these spiders are not small, think 4 – 5 inches across!

And yes, their web is a golden color instead of the silvery-white  I’ve seen with other spiders.

Still, she isn’t very spooky. What humans do to nature is.


Photographed in 2007 at Sawgrass County Park, Pinellas County, Florida