Snow Geese on the shore of the Great Salt Lake

*Sorry for the double post this morning, I thought the other post on Capitol Reef National Park had already been published a long time ago, but it had been marked “private”. Oh well, it IS a great place.

Adult Snow Goose in the Great Salt LakeAdult Snow Goose in the Great Salt Lake

Spring is arriving and there have been reports of Snow Geese in the area.  I edited some Snow Geese images I took in November of last year to post today.

I love the way it looks as if this goose is grinning.

Juvenile Snow Goose on the shore of the Great Salt LakeJuvenile Snow Goose on the shore of the Great Salt Lake

The immature Snow Goose hung close to the adult. These two geese were seen along the causeway to Antelope Island for a few days last fall.

Adult Snow Goose walking the shoreline of the Great Salt LakeAdult Snow Goose walking the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake

They walked the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake. The early morning light seemed to make this adult glow.

Young Snow Goose walking the shoreline of the Great Salt LakeYoung Snow Goose walking the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake

The juvenile Snow Goose was starting to get the pure white feathers of adult plumage on its back. I wonder if by this spring it looks just like the adults.

I’m hoping to go on a “Goose Chase” this morning, the sky is supposed to be clear so there should be good light and I would be delighted to see some snow, Snow Geese that is! I’ve had about enough of the other snow for now.


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I am a nature lover, wildlife watcher and a bird photographer. I first become serious about bird photography when I moved to Florida in 2004 and it wasn’t long before I was hooked (addicted is more like it). My move to the Salt Lake area of Utah was a great opportunity to continue observing their behavior and to pursue my passion for photographing birds.


  1. So beautiful, I have only ever seen these Geese in flight at a distance, hopefully I will see them close up soon:)

  2. Sweet light on these cute geese. As always, the lake makes a nice background. A species I have not yet seen for myself!

  3. Serene, simple and beautiful!

  4. Lovely Snow Geese photographs! The early morning lighting is especially nice. I saw my first Snow Goose ever last week. The are beautiful birds.

  5. These I have not seen. I love any type of geese. They just synchronise so well with each other.

  6. Snow Geese are beautiful aren’t they? You caught them very well.

  7. Jane Chesebrough

    have fun! We usually have our Snow goose chase in April. Look forward to your shots (these are great!)and hoping to go myself.

  8. I have good memories of a camping trip at a refuge in eastern Maryland on Christmas Eve. We awoke to tens of thousands of Snow Geese filling the sky. The sound and the sight was one of the best moments I’ve had in Nature!

  9. Love the different colors in this shots, Mia. Good luck on your search today!

  10. Wow your snow geese photos are way better than mine! I’ll be waiting for your reports on the great migration as they end up at Freezeout not long after they go through your area (in fact we meet a lot of folks at Freezeout that follow the geese all the way up from Utah). There have been reports of a few up here but we should start seeing big numbers here in a couple weeks.

    • Sherry, I didn’t see the Snow Geese yesterday but I arrived at the field they have been reported at a bit later in the morning than I would have liked, they had probably already flown out for the day. I have not been to Freezeout yet but would love to do that!

  11. Very nice! I would love to see one.

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