Adult White-crowned Sparrow Perched On A Budding Tree

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Three days ago after I photographed the female American Kestrel eating her prey on a lichen-covered rock I was able to take a few photographs of a single adult White-crowned Sparrow that was perched on a budding tree.

Our Western Kingbirds Have Returned To Northern Utah

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I did see a Western Kingbird two days ago but the only photos I have of that bird were taken on a barbed wire fence and I have more of those type of images than I know what to do with and nothing about those images were appealing, unique or all that interesting.

Female American Kestrel Lifting Off After Consuming Her Prey in Northern Utah

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The bird that was the most cooperative yesterday morning was a female American Kestrel that I spotted eating her prey on a lichen encrusted rock that stuck around until after she had finished consuming the small rodent she had captured before I found her.

Dark Morph Swainson’s Hawk – Possibly The Darkest I Have Ever Seen

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Just about one year ago I was thrilled to photograph a very cooperative dark morph Swainson's Hawk that is possibly the darkest, dark morph I have ever seen.