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Sage Thrashers, Northern Mockingbird, White-crowned Sparrow and Wild Rose Hips

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The birds I photographed on the wild rose bushes were adult and immature Sage Thrashers, an adult White-crowned Sparrow and one beautiful Northern Mockingbird.

Creekside Adult Song Sparrow – Photographed To Preserve a Memory And Nothing More

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As I sat creekside in my Jeep an adult Song Sparrow flew in, landed and began hopping around looking for food for breakfast in the vegetation floating on the water at the edge of the creek.

Focusing on Young Chipping Sparrows Foraging in Chokecherry Trees

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I spent a few minutes yesterday morning focusing on young Chipping Sparrows foraging in a stand of Chokecherry trees, there were several of these juveniles flitting around in front of me in nice light.

Lark Sparrow With Droopy Wings On A Hot Summer Morning

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Last week while I was photographing some Lark Sparrows in northern Utah I took images of this one who had droopy wings because the sparrow was hot. I was hot, I know how the sparrow felt.