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First Winter Common Goldeneye Drake Mid-dive In Northern Utah

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I like this image because I was able to capture the eye of this diving first winter drake Common Goldeneye just as it is about to go below the surface of the pond but I also like what is going on with the water in this frame too.

Back View Of A Drake Common Merganser In Salt Lake County

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I took this photo two winters ago on the local pond and I liked it because even though the view of the drake Common Merganser was taken of its back the merganser turned his head and gave me a great view of his eye.

Portrait Of A Winter Ring-billed Gull With Snow On Its Bill

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I'm not sure how this Ring-bill Gull got the snow on its bill but when I looked through my viewfinder I liked all of fine details I had in the snow, the bill and the white plumage of the gull and I felt I had to take photos of it.