Ospreys are very large hawks that are primarily brown and white with white heads, chests and a brown streak through the eyes.

Juvenile Osprey with a Tiger Trout in the Wasatch Mountains

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Yesterday the "unexpected" bird was a juvenile Osprey in the Wasatch Mountains. I'd say it was unexpected because I'd been photographing songbirds and wasn't expecting to see North America's "Fish Hawk" in the same area.

Ospreys of Honeymoon Island State Park

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Honeymoon Island State Park in Pinellas County, Florida is a great place to see and photograph nesting Ospreys, not just one or two nests either, there are often quite a few.

Please take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints

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The Fourth of July is just a day away and soon many campgrounds, parks and beaches will be filled with people celebrating and sadly leaving trash behind.