More Frustrations With Photographing Golden Eagles

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I get absolutely tired of the frustrations I have had trying to photograph Golden Eagles, it seems that something or someone always messes with my chances of getting the images I want of them.

Snowy Egrets Have Migrated Back To Northern Utah

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When I lived in Florida I saw Snowy Egrets year round and that kind of spoiled me but here in Utah they leave for the winter and come back to the marshes and wetlands surrounding the Great Salt Lake for their breeding season.

Reporting Wing Tagged American White Pelicans – Helping Birds by Helping the PELI Project

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I know that I will be reporting any wing tagged American White Pelicans I see while they are here in northern Utah and I hope that others will too and help out the Peli Project!

Horned Lark With Redstem Filaree – Birds & Wildflowers

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph a male Horned Lark on Antelope Island State Park that included Redstem Filaree in the photos and I was delighted, that pop of bright color sure says "spring" to me.