Male Yellow Warblers in the Wasatch Mountains – Sunshine On The Wing

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Yesterday morning was spent up in the mountain canyons again photographing the birds I found at the higher elevations, the birds I saw the most of were Yellow Warblers, birds who look like sunshine on the wing.

Yellow Warbler Perched and Foraging in a Mystery Flowering, Thorny Tree

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When I had the opportunity to photograph a Yellow Warbler foraging in a flowering tree I jumped at the chance. Right after I took this photo the warbler snatched a tiny insect from the flowers but I couldn't make out what it was.

Photographing Female Yellow Warblers Feeding Their Fledglings

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I was delighted to be able to photograph the female Yellow Warbler as she fed her young and to watch the fledgling as it fluttered its wings and gulped down the food the female brought it.

Photographing Yellow-rumped Warblers in Cluttered and Clean Habitats

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When it comes to small birds like Yellow-rumped Warblers I prefer photographing them in clean habitats over cluttered habitats because the small birds stand out better when the background isn't so messy.