Antelope Island State Park

///Antelope Island State Park

Adult Tundra Swan – White On White

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Some of the Tundra Swan photos I took that day in near white out conditions were flat and unappealing to my eyes but some of them I really liked because of the white bird on white snow.

Anxiously Awaiting My First Of Season American Tree Sparrows

2018-11-02T06:02:34+00:00November 2nd, 2018|Categories: American Tree Sparrows, Antelope Island State Park, Birds, Davis County, Utah|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

I checked eBird this morning and I only see one person reporting American Tree Sparrows so far this autumn in northern Utah so hopefully that means one more cold front pushing through and I will be seeing these long-tailed, rusty capped sparrows with their gray heads, rusty eyelines and bicolored bills.

Monarch Butterflies and Rocky Mountain Bee Plants in Northern Utah

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Last year I found plenty of Monarch Butterflies on the Rocky Mountain Bee Plants on Antelope Island and they were a delight to photograph as they fluttered around going from flower to flower sipping nectar from the delicate blossoms.