Antelope Island State Park

///Antelope Island State Park

Monarch Butterflies and Rocky Mountain Bee Plants in Northern Utah

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Last year I found plenty of Monarch Butterflies on the Rocky Mountain Bee Plants on Antelope Island and they were a delight to photograph as they fluttered around going from flower to flower sipping nectar from the delicate blossoms.

Incredible Phalarope Migration Happening Now at the Great Salt Lake

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Red-necked and Wilson's Phalaropes have started their fall migration and one of the places where they gather in large numbers is the Great Salt Lake where they show up in the tens of thousands to feed and rest before continuing their journey.

Great Salt Lake Brine Flies – Important Food Source For California Gulls

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Brine flies that live in the Great Salt Lake are an important food source for California Gulls and watching the gulls feed on the flies is fascinating as they use several techniques to catch them.