Antelope Island State Park

///Antelope Island State Park

Barn Swallow Nesting Season Is Happening Now In Northern Utah

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Barn Swallows are like tiny, feathered brick masons. One pellet by itself is nothing but combined pellets form the nests these birds use to raise their young in.

Photographing Yellow-rumped Warblers in Cluttered and Clean Habitats

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When it comes to small birds like Yellow-rumped Warblers I prefer photographing them in clean habitats over cluttered habitats because the small birds stand out better when the background isn't so messy.

Loggerhead Shrike Allofeeding Courtship Behavior Plus a Close Up

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The Loggerhead Shrike did fly in and brought prey to feed the presumed female, during the mating season the males will allofeed the females as part of their courtship behavior. I've never been able to photograph allofeeding behavior before so I was tickled pink.