Spotted Towhees

Spotted Towhees are large sparrows with chunky bodies, long tails and thick pointed bills. Males have black backs, necks, breasts, heads, their black wings have white spots, sides are rufous, bellies are white and they have red eyes. Females are duller and instead of black they are brown-gray.

Molting Juvenile Spotted Towhee

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This time of the year male and female Spotted Towhees have finished raising their broods and their young are learning how to be on their own but they do look a touch ragged as they molt into their adult plumage.

Towhees, Warblers, Kinglets, Gnatcatchers – Oh My!

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It has been a long time since I have had such a birdy day and the towhees, warblers, kinglets, gnatcatchers and the rest of the birds that I saw thrilled me all morning long.

A West Desert Medley of Birds

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Yesterday was a delight in the West Desert because there were plentiful birds to photograph including this male Spotted Towhee singing on its territory.