American Tree Sparrows

///American Tree Sparrows

American Tree Sparrows have long tails, a rusty cap with, gray heads with a rusty eye line, gray to buff chests with a smudgy dark spot in the center. They have black and yellow bicolored bills.

Anxiously Awaiting My First Of Season American Tree Sparrows

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I checked eBird this morning and I only see one person reporting American Tree Sparrows so far this autumn in northern Utah so hopefully that means one more cold front pushing through and I will be seeing these long-tailed, rusty capped sparrows with their gray heads, rusty eyelines and bicolored bills.

Photographing American Tree Sparrows in Northern Utah

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I had a great deal of fun yesterday morning while photographing the American Tree Sparrows that I found in abundance on Antelope Island State Park foraging on the ground and perching on the bushes on the northern end of the island.

My Year of Bird Photography in 2017

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I love what I do, I love my subjects and it doesn't matter if I find them close to home or further away. I am blessed. 2017 has been wonderful and I am excited for what 2018 may bring.