Barn Swallow resting on a boulderBarn Swallow resting on a boulder

It is nesting time for Barn Swallows in northern Utah, they have migrated back to Utah and have already begun to build their nests to rear their broods from this season. These are awesome bug catchers and I’m grateful for every mosquito they devour because then there are less of them to bite me.

Barn Swallow with a beak full of mudBarn Swallow with a beak full of mud

Barn Swallows probably built adobe homes long before humans every did, they use mud as plaster to form their nests and the rain that fell the night before and yesterday morning created puddles that the Barn Swallows were using to get the mud they need for their nests. This Barn Swallow has a serious load of mud in its bill.

Barn Swallow lifting off with nesting material in its billBarn Swallow lifting off with nesting material in its bill

The Barn swallows are only at the puddle briefly; basically just long enough to fill their bills, and then they lift off. I think these swallows may be nesting near the marina on Antelope Island State Park some where.  Maybe they will eat some of those biting gnats!