Yes, poop happens. If there are birds there is poop. That is the straight poop… I mean scoop!

Royal TernRoyal Tern, Florida

Some birds poop in mid-air which it is always wise to have your mouth closed when photographing birds directly over your head. A wide-brimmed hat is kind of handy too. I’m glad this Royal Tern banked when it did or I might have gotten bombed.

KilldeerKilldeer, Utah

Some shorebirds will leave the water to poop, I’ve noticed that American Avocets always exit the water when they need to pooh. Some shorebirds poop so fast you don’t even notice it. Even with a shutter speed of 1/1600 I could not freeze the motion of this Killdeer’s poop, they must be the “fast as lightning” poopers.

Roseate SpoonbillRoseate Spoonbill, Florida

I think that Roseate Spoonbills are Super Dooper Poopers, this bird looks like it grew an extra leg the stream of poop is so long!

Okay, enough talk about poop! (At least until the next Oh… Poop post)