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Prairie Falcon with Prey in Box Elder County, Utah (Graphic)

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The Prairie Falcon I photographed had prey and that may be why it was less skittish, I have no idea what the prey is but it is larger than a vole and had fur not feathers.

Adult Prairie Falcon with a full crop

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I wish I had been in a better position with a better angle of light but due to vegetation growing along the road there were just a few clear areas between the Rabbitbrush to get an unobstructed view of the Prairie Falcon but I do like how the photo shows off the full crop.

Peregrine Falcon with prey ~ Low light

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Where is the light when you want it? Yesterday it was hiding behind the clouds and lake fog when I spotted this Peregrine Falcon at a close distance, on prey and sticky. The frustrations of being a bird photographer were glaringly apparent to me yesterday morning.