Copyright Infringement

//Copyright Infringement

Greater Yellowlegs and Copyright Watermarks

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Which copyright watermark should I use? The small one that doesn't detract from the Greater Yellowlegs or the larger one that would make it harder for image thieves to use?

Photographers Beware – Another Way Our Images are Being Stolen

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These developers are scum and Google needs to step up to the plate and make sure the apps have legitimate licenses for the images in the apps or disallow the thieves from ever putting them on Google Play.’s Thieving Owner also owns

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In case you hadn't noticed, scraper sites like these tick me off. Our images are copyrighted the moment we take them and they are not to be used without our permission or authorization.

Standing up against Google’s new Image Search and the copyright issues involved – Class action lawsuit

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What do we need to do to become involved with a class action law suit against Google for the changes they made to their Image Search?