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Wild versus Captive Birds in Photography – Keeping it Real, Keeping it Honest

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I've made it clear on my post about Galileo and in this post about Goose that they are education birds and in my photo galleries I have included this symbol (C) to indicate they are captive birds.

A Visit with Galileo the Short-eared Owl at HawkWatch International

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Galileo will be an education bird at HawkWatch International and he will help show people, young and old, in class rooms and community centers the importance of having owls and other raptors in our environment.

Meet Galileo – The Short-eared Owl Who Soon Graduates to Education Bird

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Nancy Blech Matro, outgoing Hawkwatch International Board Chair, contacted me yesterday to share news with me about Galileo the Short-eared Owl I had a small part in rescuing.