Please take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprintsPlease take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints

The Fourth of July is just a day away and soon many campgrounds, parks and beaches will be filled with people celebrating and sadly leaving trash behind. I remember how many times I have gone to a beach or a park on the 5th of July to find them littered with trash even though there were trash cans in abundance.

The Osprey and the Trash CanThe Osprey and the Trash Can

I’ve seen diapers, bags from chips, plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags, beach umbrellas, broken kites and even undergarments left on the beach. And so much more.

What is it about certain holidays; mostly those that fall during warmer months, that causes people to think it is okay to pollute public spaces? I wish I knew the answer to that question and I also wish that they knew that some of their trash can injure and kill the wildlife found within those areas.

To those people I say… If you can haul that stuff to public lands… you can haul it out too.


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