Please take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints

Please take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprintsPlease take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints

The Fourth of July is just a day away and soon many campgrounds, parks and beaches will be filled with people celebrating and sadly leaving trash behind. I remember how many times I have gone to a beach or a park on the 5th of July to find them littered with trash even though there were trash cans in abundance.

The Osprey and the Trash CanThe Osprey and the Trash Can

I’ve seen diapers, bags from chips, plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags, beach umbrellas, broken kites and even undergarments left on the beach. And so much more.

What is it about certain holidays; mostly those that fall during warmer months, that causes people to think it is okay to pollute public spaces? I wish I knew the answer to that question and I also wish that they knew that some of their trash can injure and kill the wildlife found within those areas.

To those people I say… If you can haul that stuff to public lands… you can haul it out too.


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  1. in complete agreement. tweeted!

  2. Well put, Mia. There’s nothing more careless or dirtier, than humans.

  3. And it is the same on this side of the world. After every big holiday or celebration there is mountains of garbage discarded for ‘someone else’ to clean up. Sometimes (often) I despair of people.

  4. Patty Chadwick

    Mia–that image of the osprey peering down into a garbage bin, looking for “food” makes me sad,mad and depressed…as did your comments about the two-legged pigs that leave so much of their trash behind…may they suffocate in it! Many years ago, while working for an experiential “outward bound” based program for HS juniors and seniors, after a week of backpacking in the mountains, we came upon an outhouse…as we neared our take out…And a “ripe” one it was! The girl whose turn it was to carry the group’s garbage, got the bright idea of dumping her burden in the glory hole of the outhouse. Our program practiced “no impact” camping. I thought she was going to murder me when I made her retrieve it..and truck it out the stinking thing the last mile or so a big trash bin at our exit trailhead, where we put it in another bag and dumped it. Fortunately for me, some of the other students were as outraged and disgusted by her actions as I was, especially one of the boys who was bigger than both of us!

  5. It is very sad. Lots of birds die by the irresponsible behavior of people

  6. I know, it is so depressing! Fitting photo of the Osprey!

  7. I know, it is such a sad state of affairs. Many times I have picked up bags of trash left around camping areas from previous campers. Do these people think they are never coming back or is this what their homes look like?

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