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I’m Itching To Hit The Road To Go Camping – Spring Wanderlust

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As the weather warms up I admit that I'm itching to hit the road to go camping, to get away from the city, the news and to immerse myself in natural surroundings.

Pine Siskins

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This Pine Siskin image was taken the first time I went camping in the high Uintas of Utah. The campsite was very close to the Bear River with willows on the shoreline and huge pines that shaded the campsite plus it was warm enough that I could take off my shoes and stick my feet into the water.

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge – Rockin’ Weather

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While at the refuge it rained, it hailed, there was thunder, lighting and at times even gale force winds but the biggest weather surprise after leaving the refuge was seeing snow falling lightly near Lima, MT... in June.