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Autumn Male Brewer’s Blackbird shaking after preening

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One of the male Brewer's Blackbirds had been preening on a fence post when he started to shake his feathers and that action sure showed his iridescent plumage off nicely.

Trio of Gray Catbird Photos – They are the Cat’s Meow

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Gray Catbirds aren't flashy and except for the spot of cinnamon colored feathers under their tails they are mostly an overall gray with a black cap. While their appearance isn't dazzling the variety of songs they sing certainly can be.

Photographing Turkey Vultures On A June Morning

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As a bird photographer I have found that it is easy to make any species of owl look interesting and appealing in my images but it is more of a challenge to do that with Turkey Vultures but that doesn't mean I don't try. I will always try.