Portrait Of A Winter Ring-billed Gull With Snow On Its Bill

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I'm not sure how this Ring-bill Gull got the snow on its bill but when I looked through my viewfinder I liked all of fine details I had in the snow, the bill and the white plumage of the gull and I felt I had to take photos of it.

Low Light California Gull In Flight During A Snow Storm

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During the winter I have opportunities to photograph California Gulls in flight in snow storms in low light and while images like this one aren't appealing to everyone's tastes I like them a lot.

Some Of The Joys Of Photographing Birds Close To Home

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I spent some time at one of the local ponds yesterday afternoon and came home with photos that made me smile and for a little while I forgot about the long hours I spent getting skunked on the road earlier in the day.

Ring-billed Gull In Flight – Changing Backgrounds From One Frame To The Next

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On New Year's Day this year I had a Ring-billed Gull in flight in my viewfinder as it flew quickly over my local pond, I knew that from one frame to another the background would change and that the exposure might too