Ring-billed Gulls – I Like Photographing Them Year Round In Northern Utah

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I like gulls, I like the way they look, I like the way they fly, I like the way they try to steal food from each other and other birds, I like the challenges of photographing them and I really like how scrappy they are.

Great Salt Lake Brine Flies – Important Food Source For California Gulls

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Brine flies that live in the Great Salt Lake are an important food source for California Gulls and watching the gulls feed on the flies is fascinating as they use several techniques to catch them.

Some of the Birds That People Love to Hate

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Okay, that is enough for now, there are more birds that people love to hate but I can only deal with so much of it before I feel the need to get out and photograph all the birds I see, even those that others despise.

Winter California and Herring Gull Portrait Comparisons

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We have the Ring-billed and California Gulls in northern Utah year round but the Herring Gulls are only winter visitors to this area.